Clear Proposals • Clear Thinking • Clear Systems

Our Approach

Clear Thinking

We are a Business Development company based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire and working with businesses throughout the UK. We work with clients to help identify, support and enhance their business opportunities with the ultimate goal of increasing profits. A key part of our approach is to do this in a clear, structured, measurable and affordable way.

The Core Services We Offer Are:

  • One-on-one business advice
  • Business health check diagnostic
  • Developing and implementing growth plans for improved profit and efficiencies
  • Consultancy for one-off projects or ongoing support for strategic development
  • Non-Executive Director roles
  • Funding and grant research/implementation

With our honest and down-to-earth approach, enquiring minds and listening skills, we quickly assimilate where your business is, where it wants to be, your culture, any obvious problems as well as your ambitions, both personal and financial. Once we've have done this we can help drive your business to the next level, whatever you wish that to be.

We don’t just talk theory; we have a solid track record with practical experience of making success happen in our clients' businesses as well as our own company. We are able to offer help in all aspects of developing small to medium size businesses.

We have been responsible for the planning, development and implementation of many projects during our 30 year history and have considerable skills and experience in a wide range of business sectors.